Your Closet is Full of Treasures and Raul Barragan Sanz is Buying/Selling them from his boutique Brocante De Luxe

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We too often forget past treasures hiding behind our closet doors, or buried in our jewelry boxes, as we replace a Cartier watch with a newer Tank model, or a Louis Vuitton bag with the Hermès bag we had always dreamed of owning. These past treasures lie around waiting for us to love them again or to be passed on to someone else.

Located in the 2nd arrondissement, close to the old Paris stock exchange, Brocante De Luxe is a luxury consignment store where you can find a curated selection of bags, shoes, clothing, watches and jewelry from the most prestigious brands, such as Cartier, Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. It is a beautiful boutique, filled with dreams, the perfect place to find a treasure for the one you love the most. Raul Barragan Sanz, the owner, is delightful in his presentation and very knowledgeable about luxury items, whilst also very approachable, with many stories to delight you as you shop.

IMG_6422-minOriginally from Madrid, Spain, Raul came to Paris to visit, and, like so many of us, he never left. Falling in love with the City of Light, Raul decided to finish his master’s degree at Université Paris Sud. Upon graduation, he realized he was still enamored with Parisian life and decided to stay and follow his dreams.

Following his passion for beautiful designer brands, and with the knowledge that people from all over the world search for these precious treasures, he opened his boutique and websites in 2016.

While Raul speaks five languages fluently, like many expats with businesses, the biggest challenge was, and still is, having to manage everything by himself, from accounting, sourcing and photographing products, to social media, whilst always taking superb care of his clients.

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What was the best find you ever made?
It was a lovely Hermès bag from the 80’s in really good condition, in ostrich and leather that was an extremely limited edition

What do you love about what you do?
I love working every day with many unique and special items. For example, it’s amazing to hold in my hands a Hermès bag from 1930 that has never been used, or a Louis Vuitton bag that was made in small quantities.

What are the most sought after brands and items?
I only work with really high-end brands like Chanel, Hermès or Louis Vuitton, however there are some items that are always on the wish list of most of my customers, such as the Birkin, Constance or Kelly from Hermès or a Timeless. I also have many clients looking for diverse items. I am always searching for treasures from people’s closets.

Working with only high-end brands and special vintage or collector pieces, Raul is always on the lookout for the perfect item to add to his collection and is keen to consider any pieces you may have. Feel free to contact him. If you have items you would like him to consider placing on consignment, send him an email with some photos of your article to or give him a quick call to see if he is interested.

Discover Raul’s selection of pre-loved 100% authentic items and enjoy shopping at Brocante De Luxe located at 107 rue Reaumur, 75002 Paris or online at Raul can be reached at 0171766512 and his boutique hours are: 12:00-19:30 daily except Sunday.

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