Best of Paris 2019 is now over.


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Best of Paris 2019

We would like to thank everyone for participating in the 2019 campaign, it’s been a wonderful campaign where we’ve discovered many expats, services and achievements.We are now in the process of validating the votes received and look forward to sharing the results.

The following steps are now taking place.

– Analysis, validation and deduplication of votes – we may contact you for source information

  • If you believe you may have won your category kindly send us the following information
    • 50-70 words/description, 300DPI photo + Socials to

– Contacting winner and notable mentions – selected winners will be asked for photographers and a little background information or a mini Q/A – please respond to any email you receive from us – unfortunately we are unable to chase winners beyond a couple of messages.

– Best of Paris 2019 edition of Expatriates Magazine will be distributed in late December. This will be available for collection from 200 establishments (schools, embassies, businesses, cafes, bars etc) across Paris, Fontainbleau and Yvelines.

– Publishing of winners and notable mentions on the websites on the URLs associated to your category.


Advertise in the Best of Paris 2019 Edition

If you would like to advertise in the Best of Paris Edition (Print/PDF + Web) contact or call
HALF Page: 200€HT   FULL page 350€
Space is limited

Key contacts

Distribution – If you would like to receive copies in your establishment you can email us on , personal copies can purchased directly on the website when it reopens.

Once again we would like to thank everyone who participated in the campaign, the Best of Paris concept only works because of your commitment and involvement.

Expatriates Magazine Team

Further updates and announcements will be made on our FACEBOOK page and INSTAGRAM Account