What Paris lifehack to you know that others may not?

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Kerry – Download the Citymapper app.

Tammy  – If you’re exiting the metro at 1:30am or 2am, and the metro gate is closed, there’s often a little red button that you can press that will open the gate to the sortie.

Simone – If you arrive just a couple of hours before the marché vendors begin packing up, the prices for perishable products, especially meat and fish, are sometimes reduced from early morning prices.

Ingrid  – Always add Monsieur or Madame at the end of Bonjours or Merci! It works wonders…

Susan – Get a copy of ‘Plan 2’ from the Métro office… it has a very detailed bus routes map.

Farrah – Never call the prefecture de police to get information about your application. It’s better to go there in person and ask all your questions before your appointment date.

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