Website bringing 1000s of radio stations from across the globe

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Expatriates in Paris Facebook group member, James Kigin, shared a website which proving very popular among expats. Radio Garden brings global radio stations to one single platform where you can listen to live stations across the globe. Although there isn’t an official count of the number of stations available on the platform, an estimate of over 10,000 doesn’t seem an exaggeration. The website is free to use and fast loading. Radio Garden is a Dutch non-profit radio and digital research project developed from 2013 to 2016 by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, the Transnational Radio Knowledge Platform and 5 other European universities. It is funded by Humanities in the European Research Area, HERA.

Radio stations all over the world can submit their station and data to radio garden, listened to by hundreds of thousands of web listeners. When visiting the site, simply click on the green dots around the globe to see which stations are available.

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