Understanding the Micro-Entrepreneur limits in France

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    Since 2014, the French government established a legal, simplified business status called the micro-entreprise which is described as «the pay-as-you-go system». It is aimed at reducing the taxes and financial costs of running a small business in France.

    However, it has some set turnover levels above which the micro-entrepreneur must change their legal status. Beyond this point, you need to become a sole trader (entreprise individuelle) or create a new legal status: A company (société).

    Turnover limits 2018 for revenu 2017

    • Service based business, or a ‘professional’ activity: the turnover
      cannot exceed 70,000€ per year.
    • Commercial sales, bar/restaurant or furnished accommodation have a
      turnover limit of 170.000€ per year.

    The turnover limits are calculated per year (12 months). If the beginning of the activity is mid-year (1/7) the turnover limits are divided by 2 (35,000€ for services and 85,000€ for commercial sales) (prorata temporis).

    The micro-entrepreneur can follow up the limit monthly (5,833€ for services and 14,167€ for commercial sales), it’s an average. The aim being to stay under the annual turnover limits.

    fatenBy Faten Amamou, Chartered Accountant
    Member of the French Chartered Institut and founder ESCEC International. Faten has 15 years’ experience establishing and registering businesses in accounting, taxation and social matters, Faten provides entrepreneurs with professional advice and support for setting up a company.

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