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It’s no secret in the office that I’m a huge coffee fan, however, it is not always easy finding a good cup of coffee in Paris! In a country where coffee drinking is such a part of the culture, this may be hard to believe.

Unfortunately, the average café in Paris has a wide range of problems from using old, over-roasted beans and cheap machines to grinding beans in large batches instead of fresh, and improper training of the baristas.

Paris’ first real coffee shop, La Caféothèque (52 Rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, 4e), opened in 2005 and since then, the Paris coffee scene has been booming as expertly trained baristas make their way throughout the city, opening up some serious coffee hangouts to share their craft.

Here are four of my current favorites:

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Folks and Sparrows

14 rue Saint Sebastien, 11e
This is the newest addition to the coffee scene in Paris. This warm and rustic coffee shop and eatery has a big communal wooden table and an adorable épicerie filled with fun sweet and savoury gifts for home.


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40, rue Chapon. 3e
Loustic was opened as a neighbourhood spot for the north Marais/Beaubourg area and it has become just that. Their coffee is sourced from European roasters and changes regularly. Walking in, the décor is a modern and little eclectic with lots of graphic wallpaper and couch cousins. It is a wonderful quiet sanctuary of coffee, friendly service and delicious treats and they hope to stay that way.

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Belleville Brulerie

10 rue Pradier, 19e
This space was opened primarily for coffee roasting and barista training. Their goal is to share great coffee with people and train people on how to make a great cup of coffee in the comfort of their own homes. There is a big focus on filtered coffee at the Brûlerie which is still a relatively new concept in Paris where the vast majority of coffee drinks are espresso-based.

Fondation Cafe

16 rue Dupetit Thouars, 3e
This small and cosy space is the brainchild of Australian Chris Nielson who has created a friendly and welcoming addition to the Paris coffee scene. The interior is modern with beautiful triangular wooden stools and tables. Chris’ coffee is prepared with the Kees van der Western Spirit coffee machine. This futuristic-looking machine is the first of its kind in Paris and is bringing coffee preparation to a whole new level.

Author : Sasha Romary, Founder and CEO of Savoir Faire Paris

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