The opening of a 1000 square meter floating urban art center in Paris is days away

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In an effort to reinvigorate the Seine, a new building will be opening in the spring of 2019 called Fluctuart. This will be a three story, 1000 square meter floating urban art center proposed to sit on the Seine next to the Pont des Invalides across from the Grand Palais. A building such as this will be the first of its kind in the world!

The project was proposed through “Réinventer La Seine” created by the Mairie de Paris which has requested proposals for projects that could help to revive the river running through Paris. The concept of Fluctuart was created by Seine Design in partnership with Artistik Rezo and will be supported by Géraud Boursin, Nicolas Laugero Lasserre, and Eric Philippon.

Fluctuart is currently set to open this month, June 2019. The space will be free to enter and plans to be open year-round. As an urban art center, the building will feature incredible street artists from around the world with varying backgrounds and various levels of fame, from Futura 2000 to Shepard Fairy and Invader.

The building plans to host all sorts of programs and events in addition to the permanent exhibition. There will also be a bar, food, cultural events, artists residences, workshops, a library, and even the potential to utilize the space for a private event. Fluctuart is shaping up to be one of the great new cultural spaces adding modernization to the historical beauty of Paris.

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