The New Year’s Ritual That Forever Changed My Life And Took Me To Paris

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NYE 2010. Instead of the all-night party train I was accustomed to, I spent the day in silent retreat, intensely analyzing my life. I had a broken heart, struggling law practice, and a looming foreclosure lawsuit. I felt inadequate, overwhelmed, fearful and worried. I was ready for something new but had no idea what that was.

Around 6:30 am, I took pen to paper. I began with the positives, listing everything I had achieved that year. Then I moved onto what went wrong, and why. Taking total responsibility, I embraced the mess I was in. Next, I wrote out every limiting belief I had about myself. In a state of deep surrender, I got on all fours in prayer to let these beliefs go.

Then I looked ahead to 2011, writing down everything I wanted to be, do or have in 2011. I allowed my dreaming to go beyond the unimaginable. Then I set intentions around each item, visualized them, and again got on all fours in prayer. I also started reciting Sanskrit mantras. It was now midnight. I poured a glass of champagne, made a toast – and passed out.

Survival ModeWithin 72 hours, my world became invaded with signs pointing me to Paris — a city that was never remotely on my radar. I booked a trip to Paris searching for answers. When nothing came after four days, I headed to the French Riviera. In Monaco, a message finally arrived.

It was this: my life was now in transition from lawyer to writer. The signs continued and increased throughout 2011. In August, my heart spoke to me, “Move to Paris.” Without hesitation, I said, “Yes!”

A few months later, I disposed of everything I had, and began my sojourn to Paris. I didn’t have a Plan A, B, or C. I didn’t know a single person or one word of French, and vehemently hated the cold, yet I took a chance anyway. I didn’t choose Paris, Paris chose me.

Since January 2012, I have been living the Paris edition of my life. I love who I am, what I have become, and who I am becoming. My first book, “Get Out of Survival Mode and Live the Life You Really Want”, is days away from being published, and a third book — the Paris story — is on its way. I have met the one I have been longing to meet my entire life — me. I have also discovered what I am living for: Inspiration. And this is non-negotiable.

From that NYE retreat in 2010, which is now an annual ritual that I lead others through, I learned two things. One: when the Universe calls you to take bold steps with your life and you do, it rewards you big time. Two: God’s dream for you is way bigger than yours, and it will give you a life better than you could possibly imagine.