The Health Coach Revolution

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According to a new study* on French employees’ wellbeing, 52% suffer from anxiety and 1 in 4 suffers from an extreme type of stress. Pressure from bosses, deadlines, the complexity of certain issues, a constant need to adapt and poor career visibility are key reasons for this. If you are an expat, add cultural differences, language difficulties and social factors. Having lived and worked in three countries, I know what it can feel like.

You wake up tired, you binge on coffee and snacks all day just to keep up with the pace. Some nights you go out and then drop into bed exhausted, yet your sleep is fragile. You may have some chronic pain or condition, and you often catch colds. You look tired and feel unhappy.

Many health experts believe that stress is the root-cause of 90% of globally-spread chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, depression and obesity. Most of them are linked to unhealthy lifestyle choices, which means they are preventable and reversible.

Sadly, conventional healthcare isn’t designed to prevent disease nor to help eliminate the root cause of chronic conditions. With only a few minutes per patient, conventional medical practice is designed to alleviate pain and to deal with emergencies.

Enter the health coaches, many of whom now work alongside functional doctors in the US. Influential people like Tony Robbins say that “the health coach revolution”** is the solution for American healthcare crises. Arianna Huffington puts her money on it: she quit her media business at Huffington Post to focus fully on preventable health-care with her Thrive Global project.

Health coaches are certified experts, practicing a holistic approach to healing and prevention. They empower people to create positive, sustainable health and lifestyle transformations using a wide range of tools in nutrition, stress-management and life coaching.

I have been lucky enough to receive cutting-edge training at IIN, NYC and ever since it has been a blessing and a privilege to see my clients heal lifelong health issues, reverse disease, shed kilos, change the whole family’s lifestyle to a healthier one, regain confidence in careers, heal relationships, implement new creative projects, be full of energy and look forward to each new day.

We look at how different areas of your life are connected. Does stress at your job or in your relationship cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising and taking care of yourself? Together with my clients we co-create a personalized action plan based on their goals for health and life, within their unique body, lifestyle preferences, and resources. I ensure a safe and supporting environment for clients to progress towards their objectives: there is no judgment, no restrictions. Each session gives inspiration, support, empowerment and accountability. A person develops a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for them.

Human body tissues and organs change completely every 10 years. Every 3 months we have new blood. Every day we have a new chance to influence our biochemistry and feel better through our choices in nutrition, in our mindset and behaviours.

“Health is the greatest wealth” said Virgil. Health coaching is here to empower you to heal yourself, feel your best and be your best.

By Larissa Pekanova,
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, based in Paris.



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