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American theatre company in Paris ‘The Big Funk Company’ and producer of “American Fridays”, “American Sundays”, “Dog Cat Story”, and “In my Other Life” held a special show to commemorate the victims and families of 13th November 2015.

Members of the audience were greeted with a glass of wine and ‘apéritifs’ before words were shared by producer and actress Tiffany Hofstetter who explained how it is their duty as artists to continue to inspire our community, which is why they organized the special event.
Electronic Pop singer Cécile DeLaurentis, and Julie DeLaurenti, producer of The Big Funk Company shared a song especially written for the evening, ‘Pray for Paris’. A song which touched the audience.

A play reading then followed, directed by Kirsten Daniels, with Doug Rand and Tiffany acting. The emotional evening was closed with the beautiful opera singer Lauren Van Kempen singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ from the musical Carousel, with Jeremy Coffman on the piano. All proceeds from the show were donated to the Red Cross to directly help those affected by the events of 13th November.

The Big Funk Company will be performing a Christmas special of their popular ‘American Sundays’ at Théâtre du Lucernaire on December 13th, performed in English with French surtitles. For more information visit their website on

 Article originally printed in Issue 19 of Expatriates Magazine, Download the full issue here or collect a print copy here

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