The 10 moments to expect during an apartment search in Paris [Spoiler Alert]

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Finding a rental in Paris is a tough, but with a little determination, its a challenge most of us eventually overcome. However before we find a place to call home we all experience a few ‘special moments’:

1. The moment you realise the customer doesn’t always come first app

2. The moment the rental agency hears you don’t have a CDI

3. The moment you realise that “only 1 hour away from Paris by train” means it could be anywhere


4. The moment you’ve been informed that apartment has been taken, even though it was just listed!



5. The moment you learn that your “dossier” is one of 15 being considered

6. The moment you realise the whole process seems illogical


7. The moment you start looking in other arrondissements

8. The moment when you get so desperate, you’ll just about accept anything


9. That moment, when for the first time in 10 years you consider sharing apartment again



10. The moment you defy all odds and somehow manage to find a rental in Paris

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