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Photograph Credit – www.laurentqy.com

Following on from the success of  TEDxIHEParis this year, founder Sabri Ben and his team have decided to expand next year’s event, the call out for speakers is here!

TEDxIHEParis Message

The Millions of lives define a generation and thousands of footsteps make a journey. It takes our entire species to define progress; in our own way and in our own time. There are those who dedicate a lifetime and there are those who devote a moment. Sometimes, we’re distracted and misguided by the obstacles that challenge us. However, phenomenal and beautiful things are happening in this lifetime. Billions of people work tirelessly and eagerly in their own way to establish their piece of the universe. From the stories of scientific progress, social change, to the passing of culture between generations. These are the projects, people, and stories that need to be conveyed. We are a living and moving entity that tells the narrative of where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going. There is no limit to our civilization. It’s a One Life, How can you better yours and enrich others’?
What have you learned? What can you share?

2017 Theme

In this context, we have chosen One Life as the theme of TEDxIHEParis 2017. This call for speakers includes the normal information we want to know – your idea, what makes it relevant now, why you are the teller of the tale – plus a live audition.

Application closes on October 20th 2016
Speakers selection November 15th.
Register your interest to become a speaker at the 2017 event on – https://goo.gl/forms/1zY09j39CrTVOj0q2

Download PDF (low res) here
Order a print copy - here
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