Suzette Doña-Riego

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Suzette demonstrated a passion for the arts from an early age. Whether it was singing, dancing or painting, her creative side was clear to those around her. But it was only as an adult that she found the medium where her ultimate masterpieces would be created – Make-Up Artistry. In 2003 Suzette relocated from the Philip-pines to France and began her career in professional make-up, a career she describes as a “dream come true”.

From humble beginnings, in 2012 Suzette opened a Facebook page simply to share her passion and designs. From there her presence and reputation have grown, and today her artistry is present at fashion shows, beauty pageants, concept shoots, weddings, entourages, films and commercials.

She is the acting President of FAHMUAP (Filipino Association of Hair & Make-Up Artists in Paris) and an active member of ‘Coeurs à Coeurs Foundation’ and Pu-song Pinoy Pransya Charity Foundation. Suzette acknowledges her blessings to have a talent and tries to give back to the community. Last year she co-founded Fashion Extreme Paris, a fashion event to help charity and promote international artists. As we approach the second edition of the event, Suzette tells us more about her background and the upcoming show.

What are your favorite occasions when working?

I love hair and make-up styling for all occasions: wed-dings, makeovers or fashion events. Weddings are lovely because I’m involved in that one special day that becomes part of a bride’s memories. Makeovers are interesting because I transform someone’s look. The ultimate joy comes when you can see the positive effect the makeover has on a person, especially when it helps build their confidence. I consider my masterpieces to be showcased when working with pageants. I always have a sense of pride during pageant shows, especially when my contestant wins. Fashion and concept shoots undoubtedly allow the creative side of an artist to be expressed, and these are the fun occasions. Finally, there are those times when my work appears in display ads and magazines. It’s always great seeing your work appear on hard copy, it really brings an artist’s work to life.

Last year you launched Fashion Extreme Paris. What was the dream behind its launch?

First and foremost, it was a fundraising event to help the less fortunate back in my home country the Philip-pines. Thousands of my country’s people were still suffering from the devastating effects of Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013. Secondly, the event was a tribute to everyone I’ve worked with over recent years and a platform for all the hair and make-up artists, designers, models, photographers and the Extreme Team production staff to promote their talents. Fashion Extreme Paris provided this platform to everyone. The artists were able showcase their talents, expand their networks and jump-start their careers.

InterviewWhat do you have planned for this year’s event?

Fashion Extreme Paris has become more than an event, it’s become a family. The artists have stayed connected. The majority are back and will be present again this year. That is why we are expecting an even bigger and better show, but fundraising remains at the core of our purpose.  Apart from helping the calamity-struck areas in the Philippines, we support orphanages and street children – children have always held a special place in my heart.

Can you tell us who will be attending?

We are a very international event, bringing together people from all corners of the globe. The artists illustrate the diversity of the event. Hair and make-up, designers, models and photographers are coming from the US, Canada, Russia, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Czech Republic, Vienna, Britain, Philippines, Switzerland, Germany and other countries. We are truly blessed and amazed by the outcome.

For readers interested in attending the show, how can they register?

All information about the upcoming show is available on our website ( Alternatively, if readers want to buy tickets they can email us directly on




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