Sunday morning fly over (Paris) – It was loud

Best of Paris 2018

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While waiting for issue 46…. Here is Issue 45

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    About Kevin Knight 2 Articles
    General & Community Manager, Kevin is responsible for the general management of Expatriates Magazine and group of expatriate communities. He's the son of a French-Italian Mother and an English Father and has experienced a mixture of cultures from a very young age, to add to the mix he was raised in Osnabrück (Germany) until the age of 8 before moving to Sunderland (North of England) for 3 years. He finally settled in Nottingham where he spent the remainder of my childhood. Throughout his teens Kevin maintained an interest in overseas living and different cultures, it was maybe that he became accustomed to the goodbyes and fresh starts or quite simply enjoyed meeting different people. Reflecting back, he considers the first time he did something about his urge to explore was when he was 17 during a holiday to Greece with 8 friends. After one week in the sun the holiday had come to an end and while walking to the bus (to go to the airport) he decided he wasn't quite ready to go back home. As they were loading their suit cases he told his friends, to their shock, that he didn't intend to return with them, it was a great extended holiday. A couple of years later and the urge came back, the time arrived at university where students had to complete a work placement, Kevin decided France was the place to go and somehow managed to convince the university directors to let him be the only student to work overseas. This was a turning point, and when he returned after 3 months away he was determined to finish university with the highest possible grades, he proudly succeeded. Having completed His degree in Computer Science he went back over to Paris to complete his MBA in a mediocre and overpriced business school, it was the first time he had interacted with such a diverse range of nationalities and cultures and in his view, he learnt far more from his classmates than the professors. Upon graduation he was recruited by a telecom reseller in the UK and although he performed well he soon became bored and leapt at the chance to work in Spain where he spent an invaluable experience learning the reality of business and sales. As the recession hit a phone call from a friend in Paris who was looking for a Sales Manager was welcomed, a timely opportunity presented itself and he took it, four years later and he's still here in Paris. The feet have yet to itch, maybe he's home?