Soprano Constance Bradburn prepares for retirement

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Opera singer Constance was one of the first expats we interviewed for issue 2 back in 2013. Six years later, she tells us “My life is about to change in a big way! After 34 years of singing at the Paris Opera, I am going to retire, with a performance of Carmen. We have a tradition in the chorus; when it’s the last night in the career of a chorister, he or she steps forward and takes a solo bow at the end of the show. The public has no idea why this person is doing it, but for me, that moment will be one of the emotional turning points of my life. I have loved looking out from that stage at the Paris public, hearing the applause and acknowledging it, smiling into the faces in the front rows. The beautiful Opera Garnier and the futuristic Opera Bastille have been my home for a long time, and on May 23rd I will leave the artists’ entrance for the last time. An audition will be held, another soprano will take my place. After my bows, there’ll be flowers, champagne and a party in the cave of a café until late in the night. And in the summer I’ll be moving down south to the sun to write that comic novel about life in the Opera I’ve been working on for years. I never thought I’d leave Paris! But I love the beauty of the south of France. So, a new adventure, and hopefully, a book! But I know that those last moments under the spotlights of Carmen will stay with me forever. One last time sharing the joy of performing in one of the greatest theaters in the world. The end of a career, the beginning of a new life…”

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