Smovengo, the consortium which has been operating Vélib’ Paris since January 1st 2018 has received a fine of 1 million euros in March for major delays in deploying it’s stations across the city.

Accumulating the fines received during the months of January and February, Smovengo has now received fines totalling three million euros.

The 700 stations contractually planned by the 1st of January had still not been delivered by 1st March. Smovengo, was chosen to replace JCDeaux last spring and had promised to install a total of 1,400 new stations (20,000 Vélibs ‘) by March 31. According to the latest figures, only 345 stations were in service, making the ambitioned schedule impossible to keep.

Source: Reuters
(Simon Carraud, edited by Sophie Louet)
Photo – Gonzalo Fuentes (Reuters)