See your photo on the cover of the next edition – Magazine Cover Competition – ends 14th July 2017

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We have decided to have some fun for the next edition of Expatriates Magazine. Over recent months we’ve had the pleasure of printing some amazing photos in the magazine through submissions using our our hashtag on Instagram (#expatriatesmagazine), and, as we are closing for the summer we’ve asked ourselves, what’s the best prize we can offer someone in the community? As print publication the answer is clear – Our cover page! So, for the first time in 36 editions, we are going to hand the cover page over to you!

What is the competition?
From now until 14th July, those interested in seeing their photo on the cover of the magazine are invited to submit photos for consideration through Instagram or Facebook – We’ll simply pick our favourite for the Cover.


What are the prizes?
• 1st place – Magazine Cover photo + bio
• 2nd place will be featured inside the magazine with a full page + bio
• 3rd and 4th will have smaller features as the regular Photo Picks feature + bio

How many photos can I submit?
You can submit as many photos as you like between 29/06/2017 and 14/07/2017

How do I submit photos?

This competition is run on 2 social networks (instagram and Facebook) , depending on which platform you would like to use, follow these instructions:

a. Upload a photo
b. Put
My Magazine cover competition submission for @expatriates_magazine  #expatriatesmagazine “ in the caption
c. Tag @expatriates_magazine on the photo
d. That’s it!

a. Upload a photo
b. Put
My magazine cover competition submission for @expatriatesmagazine in the caption
c. That’s it!

If I win who will see my photo?
We will share the image to all of our community across our social media (5 groups – 80,000+), websites (, and, but more importantly, issue 36 of Expatriates Magazine will be distributed to 150-170 Embassies, Schools, Companies, Cafes, Bars etc across the city.

What are the photo requirements?
• As a print product, we can only print images available at 300DPI (please keep the original file if you submit the photo in case we contact you)
• The photo must feature Paris, one way or another, this is open to your interpretation
• The photos must be taken in Portrait orientation

Do i need to be a professional photographer to enter?

Absolutely not! Every month we print your photos and have no preference to professional or amateur photos, clearly though, the winning photograph in the competition will need to be special.

What are the restrictions?
1. Anything lower than 300DPI cannot be printed
2. Street photography with identifiable faces cannot be printed
3. Any images of people will be asked for permission before print

Good luck! we look forward to seeing your photos


Download PDF (low res) here
Order a print copy - here
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Download your winner badge (Right click and save as .png)