Ryan & Suzette Riego prepare Fashion Extreme Paris

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For the third year in succession, Filipino husband and wife duo Ryan and Suzette Riego are finalising preparations for Fashion Extreme Paris, a fashion show held a stone’s throw from the Champs-Élysées in the Pavilion.

The dynamic duo have built a remarkable following over recent years and have firmly set the standards and a high level of expectation for this year’s event. 400 attendees are expected to see collections by Komang Darmiani and Johanesly Anes among others, and for the first time FEP will be showcasing lingerie collections by 6 designers, including; Aphrodite Couture Paris and Adrian Rios Couture.

Despite the event’s growing success, demand from designers to participate and many other positive signs of growth, Ryan and Suzette remain humble, “The show is about the people, upcoming designers, models, photographers, HMUAs (Hair and Make Up Artists) etc. We try to give them a platform to showcase their work and a means
of meeting others in the industry” says Ryan.

Suzette goes on to explain that “Fashion Extreme Paris is more than a show, It is a culture, It’s a family of extra-ordinary kind-hearted and generous people. It’s a fashion event with a big heart”. Indeed, when talking with the co-founder you certainly understand that there is much more to the show than fashion. Perhaps it’s a celebration? To celebrate collaboration, talent and gratitude? At the heart of the event remains one core objective, to fundraise and support those in need and this year is no different! The beneficiaries include; Coeurs à coeurs foundation (www.coeursacoeurs.com) and Fondation Aua Help Noma (www.fondationahn.org).

With over 12 designers, 50 models, 20 HMUAs and 15 photographers penciled in for the 24th September 2016, the international community in Paris and beyond have grasped at the opportunity to become involved and the expat community is also invited to enjoy the occasion.

Tickets will become available shortly. Follow Fashion Extreme Paris on www.facebook.com/FashionExtremeParis