Who has the sexiest accent when speaking French?

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On 14th October we called out to locals to participate in a survey. 200 respondants from Facebook, Instagram and Reddit shared their opinions. They were presented with a list of accents and asked to rate how sexy they find each one, with 1 representing the lowest and 10 being the sexiest.

A clear winner presents itself among the French as a favourite. Italians seems to have a ‘je ne sais quoi’ about them with the French, averaging a score of 6.88/10. English, Scottish, Spanish, Brazilian and Mexican accents also have a sex appeal ranging from 5.16 to 5.71). Canadians, Lebanese, Swedes, the Irish and Americans fall in the middle ground. While not overly sexy, there is nothing negative associated with their accents. Russians, Portuguese, Belgians and the Japanese struggle to appeal purely on accent. Germans, South Africans, Algerians and Indians fall behind in what has been labeled the «bof» bracket. Last in the survey comes the Chinese accent. This is a language so far from French it’s maybe understandable why they fared so badly.

Online comments and responses are always an interesting read, and as expected most took to the results in a light-hearted manner.

  • German expat Sabine reflected «So in France we are neither sexy nor humorous».
  • French local Victor encouraged the victorious Italian Sergio with an added tip «Advice from a Frenchman: you can use Mario’s Italian accent, but try to avoid taking his voice».
  • Mexican, Alberto posted on Facebook «This survey must have been answered by deaf people, there are no worse accents than Italian and English speakers»
  • Japanese Yuki shared her joy announcing «We’re sexier than the Germans!»
  • Lorenzo (Italian) proudly posted « Not that we need any confirmation… Waouh!»
  • Tay (USA) confessed: «When they say «Parmigiano» I just can’t resist, they play right to my weak spot».

But perhaps the strongest message to take away from the results was posted by David, «Merci pour ces infos. Je me depechais de me debarrasser de cet accent, et voilà- il faut absolument le garder!»

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