Single Facebook Group Advertisement (Self Published)




This option permits you to publish 1 commercial/promotional post in 1 of 5 Facebook groups serving the international community.

1) Expatriates in Paris (30,000 members) – LINK
2) Jobs in Paris (31,000 members) – LINK
3) Rentals in Paris (11,000 members) – LINK
4) Classifieds in Paris (14,000 members) – LINK (note – ‘for sale’ posts are free here)
5) Babysitters in Paris (4,000 members) – LINK

To ensure you receive the maximum exposure, your post should be engaging an entice conversation – every time someone replies or posts a comment on your post it is bumped to the top of the group wall – resulting in more impressions.

Once payment has been received we will approve your group post when published.