Issue 52 (PDF)




• NEWS: 300th Mon French Expresso
• NEWS: Russell Boncey invited to hold solo exhibition
• NEWS: The 4th annual Trick-or-Treat extravaganza
• NEWS: Second-hand English language book sale
• INSIGHTS: Expat tips to  newcomers
• OPINIONS: Should children be allowed to ride electric scooters on the road?
• POLL: What type of diet do you have?
• POLL: Pet ownership among expats
• OPINIONS: Increase in number of parks where smoking is outlawed
• POLL: Have you been scammed?
• POLL: Social network usage
• OPINIONS: Embarrassing expat moments

• DRIVING: Vehicle conversion premium: What changed in August?
• SCHOOL: The new academic calendar 2019-2020
• ART: Metro Musicians – Spring castings
• WORK: Unemployment Benefits – The changes coming into force
• TAX: When should you receive your income tax notice?
• SUPPORT: 3919: A number for victims of violence
• GUIDE: Understanding the basics of giving blood
• ACTIVITY: Free swimming lessons for 2 to 4 year-olds
• LAW: Stronger protection against unsolicited calls from abroad
• DRIVING: Online simulator to understand consequences of
traffic offences
• LAW: Plastic cotton swabs will be banned from 1st January 2020
• LAW: Rent control system in Paris

• SHOPPING: Date change for winter and summer sales
• LAW: New regulations for electric scooters

• EVENT: Shoe pyramid at Place de la République
• RESTAURANT: A restaurant opens at the abandoned station Montrouge-
Ceinture in the 14th
• MUSEUM: The Grand Palais will be temporarily closing
• MUSEUM:  Paris Liberation Museum opens 100 steps underground
• MUSEUM:  Free expo at the Eiffel Tower –  celebrating its 130th
• EVENT: Floating Market
• EVENT: Grape Harvest Festival
• Q&A BUSINESS: When I get paid in monthly installments, do I need to provide a bill for every payment or one for the total at the end?
• Q&A BUSINESS: What are the main pros and cons of having a US based business vs. a French based business?
• Q&A BUSINESS: How does one go about changing a business address?
• Q&A BUSINESS: I’m trying to understand the difference between activities when registering
as an AE?  Does it really matter what you choose?
• Q&A BUSINESS:  How do I declare my quarterly turnover as a microentrepreneur?
• Q&A TENANT: What is the minimum surface allowed for a rental?
• Q&A TENANT: Can you hang objects from your window or balcony?
• Q&A TENANT: Is the owner responsible for the noise caused by a
• Q&A TENANT: Can you force an owner to soundproof an apartment?
• LEGAL: To be or not to be registered for the tax in France
• GUIDE: Understanding your tax return

• Gail’s Restaurant Discovery

• The American Conservatory of Paris – Music Lessons for the Anglophone  Community

• INSIGHT: 3 things to know before    learning French

• RELATIONSHIPS: Living in France has   put our relationship in jeopardy
• ANXIETY:  – Overcoming fears to find a new life

• Business Directory
• Games
• Horoscopes