Photo picks of the month (May 2017)

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To submit a photo for consideration in the June edition – Simply use the Hastag #expatriatesmagazine on Instagram (see the submissions here current

The photos chosen as photo picks of the month in May are:

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Freelance blogger Vlad from Saint Petersburg, Russia is an avid fan of mobile photography, rooftopping and urban exploration. Pictured above on the Parisian rooftops overlooking the Eiffel Tower, Vlad produces beautiful images. Follow his blog on mobile photography on Instagram @vladislavkarpyuk where he shares his travel photography and Saint Petersburg!

Location Choice
Steves Hounkponou left his job in the fashion industry after 10 years to pursue his own
dream in December 2016, the creation and launch of his own brand – Blackhats Paris.
Originally from Benin, Steves blogs about lifestyle, fashion and travel and is instantly
identifiable by his headwear. Follow Steves on or
Instagram @theblackwiththeblackhat. Photo taken by @anael_boulay

Reflection Choice
Belinda started photography a year and a half ago to escape her daily routine. Escapism quickly turned into her passion. She loves taking photos from the rooftops where she feels free and has a keen eye for reflections in her photography, whether it be through water or mirrors, Belinda says “a perfect reflection is like dreaming eyes open.” See Belinda’s photograph on Instagram – @minouch__

Lighting Choice

Aurélie Guisiano is a photographer, graphic designer and journalist based in Paris. Her passion for photography started six years ago after traveling around the world, specifically her time in the US. Her passion for photography and Paris shines through her work as she captures the light, the colours, monuments and people in the scenes of her pictures. See Aurelie’s gallery as she wanders the streets of Paris on Instagram – @globalworming.

Spectacular Choice

Johan Tonnoir was “searching for freedom in a city of oppression”, when he rediscovered
the Parisian decor seen from above. The practice of Freerunning has helped Johan understand his physical and mental capacities and even more sophisticated ones, allowing him to gain self-confidence and find an escape from city pressures. Freerunning is a personal pleasure and a shared interest with his friends in the French Freerun Family. An idea that has become a passion and then a profession, that of moving one’s body as freely as possible in any environment. It is a way out when you find yourself locked up, but also a gateway to more magnificent places. Johan extends his gratitude to Simon Nogueira for the photo. Follow Johan and Simone on Instagram – @johantonnoir@simonnogueira

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