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Ketevan Giorgadze was born in Georgia, and raised in Moscow before moving to Paris where she now shares her visually stunning experiences on her instagram profile With Ketevan’s creative flair, attention to detail and visually enticing imagery she has captivated thousands of followers on social media and has featured on websites including KickyMag, LetsTravelProject and Soul Sisters. Follow Ketevan as she opens a window to her dreamy, magical and colourful world on Instagram


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LPhotographed by Lihn Tran, Lihn is from Vietnam with a background in hospitality management, a talented lifestyle and wedding photographer. She finds Paris is always full of surprises and new things to discover. “Nothing is boring or uninteresting; everything around us has its own soul and if we look at things from another point of view, they might surprise us”. Follow Linh on her Instagram



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