Parisians favor the pedestrianization river banks

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More than half of Parisians (55%) are in favor of maintaining the pedestrianization of the banks of the right bank of the Seine, according to a survey released Thursday.

A majority of respondents (58%) believe that the pedestrianization of this section in the heart of Paris “contributes to preserving the health of the inhabitants” and “contributes to the objective of improving the quality of the air in the city”, according to the study carried out by Ipsos and published Thursday by the City of Paris.

60% of Parisians say that “this decision improves the living environment of inhabitants” and 66% believe that this “makes it possible to reduce cars in Paris”.

This survey was conducted from March 2 to 6 with a sample of 1,000 people representative of the Parisian population aged 18 and over.

Source: Reuters
By Jean Terzian