Paris to give out 15,000 pocket ashtrays to smokers over the summer! Before increasing fine to 68€

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Paris is intensifying its position against cigarette butt littering by handing out 15,000 pocket ashtrays over the summer period. An initiative aimed to encourage residents and tourists to stop littering the streets before increasing fines to 68€.

Cigarette butts are estimated to take up to 12 years to decompose have become a major concern. With hundreds of tonnes of butts landing on Parisian streets and roads every year city council have lost patience and tolerance. The latest initiative follows an large scale awareness campaign that was launched back in May, followed by the attachment of 30,000 ‘extinguishers’ to bins across the city.

Fines are set to increase from 35€ to 68€ on October 1st.

Article : Paris Press (original text by Simon Le Boulaire)

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