Paris No Car day – October 1st 2017 – Applies to whole city

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The third edition of the city’s’ ‘No Car Day’ is taking place between 11am – 6pm on October 1st and will apply to all roads. In case you missed it, the ban on motorized traffic will apply to the whole of Paris (excluding the woods and ring road), this is certainly a bigger initiative than previous edition which involved 45% of the roads back in 2016.

Who will be permitted to drive?

  • Non-motorized vehicles
  • Emergency vehicles,
  • Vehicles for disabled people
  • Public transport
  • Taxi & VTC (the latter were not allowed to circulate last year)
  • Horse and Carriage are officially permitted, as are bicycles and pedicabs.

How will you be travelling into Paris on October 1st?



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