Parents are wasting 20 days a year chauffeuring their children – Three working mothers find the solution

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Three working mothers find the solution Sophie, Marietta and Anne are three working mothers in Paris, each with 3 children. At some point they all had enough of driving their offspring to school and to after-school activities. (It’s especially difficult when there is a baby at home who needs to sleep or another child requiring help with homework.) A study revealed that such rides can take up to 20 DAYS A YEAR! Realising that many other parents feel the same way, the three mums started Hopways, a car sharing site for parents, which has now expanded to working with trusted chauffeurs. Hopway’s chauffeurs are dedicated to taking children to school and to after-school activities so that parents don’t have to! The  drivers are carefully selected, their papers are checked and  they are accompanied on the first rides. Parents have the chauffeurs’ contact details and can reach them at all times. Their service can also be shared. It’s much more fun for the children to take a taxi together, and it’s cheaper for the parents.