It is now possible for French retirees who live outside France to retain or even obtain the Carte Vitale. Previously, the national healthcare coverage was only for people residing in France. I know many people who keep their cards after moving out of France and use them when they are in France. The system does not block the transaction, and the administration never asks for proof of residency such as a carte de séjour after a few years in the system. This latest change only concerns retirees getting French pensions. The coverage lasts for the rest of their lives. This option is also open to people paying into the Caisse des Français de l’Etranger (CFE), a special system allowing people living outside of France to continue to contribute to the French social system. Their request should be sent to CPAM d’Indre-et-Loire.


By Jean Taquet
Jean holds a master’s degree in commercial and civil law from the Sorbonne University. He served as a French “officier juriste” and graduated from Saint Cyr de Coëtquidan in the French Army. He has also been a teacher at W.I.C.E. and a speaker at the OECD. Since 1997 he has been a consultant in cross-cultural practical issues of all kinds confronting expatriate families residing in France.