Non-Profit – The Paris Institute for Critical Thinking begin university quality courses in English

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Paris is hard to beat for its cultural and intellectual vibrancy. But the city’s English-speaking inhabitants – whether from France or abroad — do not have many opportunities to employ the language in sophisticated intellectual contexts. This is why, in early 2018, a select group of international scholars gathered to found PICT – the Paris Institute for Critical Thinking. PICT is a non-profit organization that offers university-quality courses in the English language to participants outside the university. Their aim is to enable working age adults to explore their topics of passion in scholarly depth.

The first round of PICT courses will start in October 2018. The latest PICT offerings range from “Existentialism” to “Gender in the Middle East.” After picking a course that appeals to you on the website, simply click the “enroll now” button on the same page. You will be taken through a two-step electronic enrolment process. And that’s it – you’re ready to go! All further course information, such as required readings, will reach you electronically.