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If you’re looking to reach out to international residents in Paris/Ile de France we have an offer that may be of interest. A print/web and social media offer to reach a maximum number of potential clients for as only  150€HT.

Offer Expires: 22nd June 2019

What is a news item?
A news item is an editorial items aimed at educating and informing the international community of a recent or upcoming development that may be of interest to community members. unlike and advertisement and editorial is written in a format that indirectly shares your company’s existence.

Example news items:

  • Little Kids school’s open day on xxth 2019
  • John Padron launches a new service for expats
  • Irish Pub prepares for World Cup final
  • English-speaking lawyer in Paris wins
  • Job recruitment fair – English-speakers invited
  • Childcare service now offers xxxxx
  • French School offers intensive classes
  • Health Insurance providing expats with Number 1 priority


This campaign is designed to reach expats across all our main platforms allowing your company/service the best opportunity of reaching a qualified prospect with a minimal investment.

Print format: Printed and distributed in Expatriates Magazine, 8,000 copies delivered to 205 establishments across Paris and Ile de France (Embassies, schools, association, cafes, bars, companies)

PDF Format: Redistributed in PDF format and made available for download throughout the year.

Website: An extended version (200 words + Multiple photos) published on the website which attracts 20 to 35k visitors a month, 79% based in Paris/IDF. see examples, 8,000 copies delivered to 205

Social Page share: The web version is shared on our Facebook Page (26,000 followers), reworded to increase likelihood of engagement – typical click rate on organic reach (4 to 10%)

Community Share: Shared into 1 of our communities in a tone that is suitable for community broadcasting. either Expatriates in Paris (26k members), Jobs in Paris (30k members), Rentals in Paris (11k members), Classifieds in Paris (12k members) or babysitters in Paris (4k members). For Event promotion/news a Meetup group with 3.8k members can be selected 

Newsletter: Inclusion of article title and link in summary newsletter sent ot 6,000 subscribers

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