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‘Living in sin’ has become the social norm, and with studies showing that cohabiting before marriage can result in a longer, happier relationship, it’s no wonder we’re popping the ‘moving in’ question before anything else. With the New Year approaching, moving in with your partner may be high on the 2015 agenda. However, getting a place together is always a huge step, so with this in mind it’s a good idea to put your emotions to one side, clear your vision and check out how compatible you really are. It’s tempting to rush into moving in together particularly if living arrangements change, but put your objective hat on for just a few moments and consider your situation before you sign any rental agreements and compromise on wardrobe space!

Teamwork: Working as a team is imperative in any relationship, so when you’ve got a roof over your head, a bed to share and bills to pay, you must be able to make decisions together. If you struggle to compromise and agree on where to eat or what to watch on television, you must consider how things will pan out when it comes to making those big, important, joint decisions.

Be yourself: It’s easy to put on pretence especially if you only have to do it for a few hours a day. However, when there’s going to be no escape from your partner, it’s important that you can be yourself in their presence and feel comfortable in doing so. If you realise you’re not being your true self, you may want to consider the reasons why and address these before you move any further….

Balance: You need to ask yourself if you’ll be happy with the shift in work/life/friends balance that will come with moving in. If you’re living with friends at the moment, you’ll have to make more time to see them and resist the temptation of hibernating with your partner during the cold winter months. Make sure you still set time aside for you too, as we all need ‘me’ time once in a while.

Faults: They say that love is blind, and when it comes to quirks, habits and personalities, romance can sometimes cloud your judgment. Everyone has their oddities and their own way of doing things, but be careful that the obstinacy you once found admirable may make compromise impossible, and the ‘floordrobe’ you once found quirky may soon drive you up the wall. It’s important to set some parameters before you move in to ensure those bad habits don’t turn into deal-breakers in the long run.

Trust and Values: This is an enormous part of a relationship, but trust becomes even more important when you move in together. From trusting each other with your credit cards to trusting your partner to buy the right baguette, you have to trust each other’s decisions and ensure that they’re in it as much as you are.

Enjoyment: Ultimately, you have to be sure that you and your partner will enjoy your life living together! And if you have no doubt about that, get signing those contracts, picking out new furniture, and appreciating how amazing it will be to share a happy home!

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