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Are you one of the following – an improv fan, a musical lover or someone who holds a high regard for those who are amazingly quick on their feet? Then you are definitely in for a treat!

NEW – The Improvised Comedy Musical – is an experience one will never forget.

Gracing the stage at MPAA – Saint Germain, a talented, international troupe of actors and musicians, along with an improv illustrator are lead by the master of ceremony, Florian Bartsch who says “Improvisation is about listening, accepting and creating together. The stories of NEW are all about change and discovering a new way, a new world or a new, different view on things. When performing NEW I feel like a barman creating a unforseen, tasty cocktail combining theatre, music, dance, visual arts and of course the audience, since the audience is the author of each story.”

Photograph ©2015 Christine Nait Sidnas – photoprivé

They will transport you into a story with a theme that is chosen by the audience members, producing a new show every evening! Be prepared to be awed into silence and thrown into fits of laughter as you travel through the improvised world created before your eyes. You will never know how the story will turn out as the master of ceremony loves to throw twists and turns into the plot, altering the course of the story, but the troupe takes it in its stride, pulling off one of the most amazing shows I have ever had the opportunity to see thus far.

Over the next hour and a half, we were entertained to no end. By the end of the show my cheeks hurt from smiling and my stomach was sore from laughing. Leaving the theater lighthearted, I knew this was an experience to revisit in the future.

Next show dates:
7th February 2015 (French Show), 7th March 2015 (Bilingual Show). Tickets can be reserved by phone 01 44 92 96 56 or by email – More information available on

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