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Bread & Roses marries a winning concept with a great new location, 7 rue de Fleurus, 75006.

A labor of love for successful restaurateur Philippe Tailleur, this petite gallery, located next to his restaurant and gourmet “deli”, provides a truly French experience allowing visitors to enjoy contemporary art, good food and wine in one location. He and his wife both believe that “art is a way of living…a way of linking people to what is most important in life…good food for the body and good art for the mind”. The current exhibition by French artist Patrick Baillet, which mixes photographic images with recognizable paintings in a unique format, ends on September 27th.

While galleries abound along the rue de Seine and neighboring streets, Bread & Roses is the only gallery on the other side of Blvd. Saint Germain…a trend which I hope will continue. Everyone is invited to attend their vernissage to celebrate the opening of the next exhibition by French figurative painter/sculptor, Eliane Larus, whose works evoke the simplicity and spontaneity of childhood on October 16th from 7-9:00 PM.

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Former New Yorker, Allison Wiley is the founder of Paris Art & Wine Events which fosters an appreciation for art and wine through a series of unique events. With over 20 years expertise in meeting and event management, she recently formed this concern to share her passion for art, wine and Paris with expats and visitors alike. Like the composition of a piece of art or that of a fine wine, Paris Art & Wine Events blends uniqueness, creativity, a dash of local color, flawless execution and a little je ne sais quoi into all of its art and wine related events. These programs are designed to provide an insider’s look at the diverse Parisian art scene; introduce participants to its galleries, restaurants and neighborhoods; educate and inform and encourage the formation of new friendships with art and wine lovers of all ages. The professional team, directed by a certified Meeting and Event Planner, will make each event whether it is an art gallery wine tasting; art walking tour; meet the artist or artist in residence event; cooking with wine class; art & wine quiz night; art scavenger hunt;; artistic workshop or similar event fun, informative and memorable for both the individual and the corporate client.