Mud Day Paris 2019 – Registrations are open

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Does the idea of completing an obstacle course while getting completely covered in mud tickle your fancy? Well, then look no further because it’s back! Mud Day is happening this Saturday and Sunday (June 15-16, 2019) to fulfill all your wet dirt covered dreams.

Since 2013, Amaury Sport Organization (ASO) has been arranging Mud Day, which will be occurring in three different French villages this year, including at the Camp Militaire de Beynes to the west of Paris.

One thing is for sure about this day, there will definitely an abundance of fun and activities. There will even be training camps beforehand to get Mud Guys (people who will be participating) ready for the festivities, including workouts built to prepare someone for the day of. There will be a Mud Day Village as well to provide entertainment (music and food) and activities (stretching and pre-obstacle exercises) throughout the day.

The obstacles will involve everything from #CRAWLING TIME, which means crawling for 25 meters under barbwires, to #TARZAN STYLE, which involves swinging on ropes to cross an 8 meter gap. If you’re curious about more of the activities, here are a few of the obstacles that will be a part of the Mud Day treats:

• #TOUCH THE SKY: a 4-m high ladder to climb up with rungs made from wood board and spaced 1 meter apart!
• #OVER MY SHOULDER: running with 12-kg bags on your shoulder is no piece of cake…
• #UP & DOWN: a 110-m hurdle race, hurdles made of logs and barbwires.
• #HORROR TUNNEL: a 15-m long and 60-cm high underground tunnel you have to cross… by feeling.
• #GOT BICEPS?: a physical challenge where your arm strength will be tested up to the extreme.
• #MUD MOUNTAINS: a field of giant mud bumps.
• #SWEET SHOCKS: an electric atmosphere until you cross the finish line.

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Photo: Fabien Boukla/ASO
Photo: Fabien Boukla/ASO
Photo: Fabien Boukla/ASO


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