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Hi Sumit, I’m sure many readers are thinking to themselves « I’ve seen him somewhere before ». To recap; you’ve appeared in issue 8 as a talent show runner-up, and more recently in issue 9 during the Diwali celebration which your company kindly invited us to. Can you share with us a little about who you are, where you’re from and what brought you here?

I come from the ‘City of Joy’ Kolkata, which you may know by its previous name, Calcutta, in India. My arrival to Paris back in 2012 was unexpected to say the least, and definitely unplanned. I consider myself a free spirit and have been traveling where the wind has taken me; my being in Paris is a great example of that. I am a software developer by profession and work for an Indian company who has the French head office in La Défense. Whilst working in Hyderabad, my company presented me with sudden and unexpected opportunity to work here in France. Actually, unexpected is an understatement, it was a rather urgent requirement and within one week of learning of the opportunity I was transferred from India to France.

That is very sudden, how did you find those initial weeks?

Paris instantly struck me! The language was an undeniable challenge and I’m still not fluent in French, but I can now understand much more than when I first arrived. I remember so many things from those early days, all my senses we “treated”, from the first and reoccurring experience of rush hour in the RER to the sweet smell of croissants at my local bakery, and then there were the cafés, bistros and of course, the cuisine that I got to experience for the first time. This isn’t just another city, this is a place where, if you choose, you have an endless number of things to do, and I embraced the opportunity to grow and build a social life in my new home where I have met many expatriates along the way. Many of whom have become close friends and my family “away from home”. I am here for professional reasons, but over time I’ve become more accustomed with the “Parisian” way of life and it’s been an interesting and enlightening personal journey.

I’ve even had opportunities to share my biggest passion, music, with friends and strangers and my plan is to continue playing this year. The expat talent show last October was one of those occasions, music is my passion. I also love walking in the parks; Paris is blessed with so many beautiful parks.

It sounds like you’re happy here…

I’m fortunate to live in such a beautiful place, this city is part of me, my life, memories and future plans, likewise, I like to think I’m now a small part of Paris.


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