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Chronicles inspiring modern love with romance

Within minutes of meeting Lily for the first time, in a typical Parisian brasserie, it was clear why she had earned the title “Lily la Tigresse”! As she flashed a brilliant smile of welcome, genuine happiness at meeting me, a stranger, sparkled in her eyes. I could see the mischief lurking there too, but I felt an immediate connection and hoped that one day, I may become a character like Pussycat, Naughty or Countess. These ladies are the pillars supporting our author Lily as she goes from one surreal romantic escapade to the next, giving their opinions as only true friends can!

Lily bounds with enthusiasm and lives each moment 100%. She is either shouting or bubbling her effervescent joy from the top of the Eiffel Tower, or in the depths of despair thinking of living in the basement catacombs of Paris. This is what gives her books, Je T’aime, Me Neither and Je T’aime … Maybe? such power to engage her audience. It keeps us coming back for more audacious adventures, inviting us to laugh and cry with her.

lily heise Expatriates MagazineShe stalks each opportunity and pounces on it with an abandon usually only seen in our feline friends, often unsure if she will land on her feet between rogue Romeos and unforgettable adventures, in the search of her one, true love.

Lily’s journey as a blogger, author and writer started because of a former French boyfriend, and we can thank this rogue Romeo!! When the relationship ended, she didn’t let a broken heart stop her from pursuing her dream. She renewed her search for romance and love in the City of Light whilst editorializing the memorable moments on her website, Je T’Aime, Me Neither, and working on her first book, of the same name.

As her readership grew, people started asking Lily for dating advice. She began sharing dating tips on her site. This naturally led to her thinking about what to do when you land a date… something fun and cool of course! According to Lily, one of the keys to a relationship successfully taking off, is to ensure a little mystery and or surprise, that’ll keep your new chéri/e intrigued and on his or her toes!

Lily’s site is now a vast collection of articles on great bars, secret gardens, offbeat strolls and original date ideas, many of which could also work well for non-romantic outings. Her travels have taken her far and wide, organically expanding her articles from Paris to international destinations, from Bombay to Buenos Aires and from New York to Ibiza. She has even started a series of romantic weekend mini-guides, featuring suggested itineraries for a variety of destinations including the sites, restaurants, bars and hotels that evoke the true character of each city.

Lily Heise Expatriates Magazine Paris booksWhile working on this, Lily racked up more romantic misadventures, enough for a second book, Je T’Aime … Maybe? which was released at the end of 2016. Here she shares the stories most people only dream of; more dates in a week than most of us see in 3 months, with her loyal friends Pussycat, Countess and Naughty cheering her on or consoling her loyally as she moves from one action packed adventure to the next.

In true, Lily la Tigresse style, she met a wonderful man, with the perfect traits we all desire: a perfect smile, charm, an interesting career and serious intentions. She allowed him to cajole her into considering moving to India with him -magical Mumbai – where she could become his empress for life after the perfect Paris courtship. What could go wrong?

Lily’s romantic rogues and Romeos provide her with enough inspiration to easily fill a third book and maybe even a fourth! We’ll have to wait for book three to find out!

When she’s not getting into romantic mischief or working on her website Lily writes about Paris, travel and romance for local and international press including The Huffington Post,, Frommer’s guidebooks and many more. Lily, her books and site feature regularly in print, on television and radio.

She’s always working on new and exciting projects so keep an eye on her website for news, check out Je T’aime Me Neither and Je T’aime… Maybe? at local English bookstores in print (perfect for the holidays!) or online.




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