Lower than trappings out of “democracy,” this new flag, “law and you can buy,” brand new Structure, etc

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Lower than trappings out of “democracy,” this new flag, “law and you can buy,” brand new Structure, etc

, Us citizens was basically duped for the providing and you may distribution to their very own subjugation, bankruptcy, enslavement, plus the removal of their rights, versatility, and country. People was basically reduced to help you peonage and you will unconscious servitude lower than a fake, tyrannical, and you will seditious international oligarchy whoever display intention is to institute and you may present a dictatorship over the anybody as well as their posterity because of good individual, commercial you to definitely-world-authorities (i.elizabeth., “The brand new Community Acquisition”).

These Foreign Principals, through the once you understand and you will unknowing complicity of their Representatives, features entirely debauched this new economic system ( Federal Geographic , January 1993, The power of Currency, webpage 83), saying battle towards the and you may contrary to the people of this country, lost the new life and you will livelihoods out of huge numbers of people, aided and you may abetted brand new opponents of your American anyone in addition to their posterity, incited rebellion and you can anarchy into the de jure people, taken not the case oaths, registered for the seditious foreign agreements, pacts, confederations, treaties, and alliances, and you will not as much as an excellent pretense of “emergency” that they on their own authored, composed and you may shaped numerous practices from alien allegiance (treason) so you’re able to perpetuate the plunder, conquest, and subjugation of that which was immediately after believed “the final high vow out-of human independence.”

Speaking of truly guilty of SEDITION And you can TREASON resistant to the Constitution and you will declared a residential mixed war contrary to the people of the newest all of us. (Look for affixed “” inside info “” “Quiet Weapons for Quiet Wars, a hands-on to own Hushed Firearms System,” 1980 Article out-of Medical Western , The country Cost savings of the season 2000.)

Hence, the fresh participants is actually accountable for these crimes into the acting into the conspiracy that have such as representatives out of overseas vitality to help expand damage various other personal, [name] this new undersigned, from the for example interest. So you’re able to Laughter, the above entitled officers out of [respondents], performed WILLFULLY And you can UNLAWFULLY:

Ways I SECT I: Refused correct off independence 2

COUNT 1: On or about [date], accepted and honored a false document by the [state and/or federal taxing authority] (California Criminal Code Section 125, unqualified statement, a felony; Title 18 USC 1001) of an undocumented, unproven liability, shown to be false by the Complainant Affiant [name], to take property without due process of law to give it to the Franchise Tax Board. California Penal Code Section 182 (4), (5), Criminal Conspiracy, Sec. 186, Racketeering, Title 18, Sec 241, 1961, 1962.

Count 2: Inside accepting and you will remembering untrue paperwork, [respondents], particularly and you may willingly conspired on Irs and you will/or the [condition taxing authority] so you’re able to steal the home out-of [name], (expansion but age] the new rights from owed process of law for any step up against him. For each step – assertion, solution or trespass, is a different highest crime or misdemeanor, put together within this matter since the violations from the constitution. The brand new penalty is defined below Name 18 USC Areas 3571 in person detailed to own subtotal tally as to the civil injuries sustained by such violent strategies. Rights Of one’s SOVEREIGN Refused Or Dating mit einem Hochschule-Athleten Broken ($100,100 for each rejected, violated otherwise trespassed right indexed given that an infraction, 18 USC 3571 identified as a felony try $250,100000 each trespass, assertion otherwise violation) shielded, kept and you may included in new California Composition and synchronous sections of the Constitution towards the United states:

The newest legal rights refuted, broken or trespassed is enumerated less than

3. Ways We SECT I: Rejected best out of possessing possessions, (assets offered to a different agent instead of due means of law)

5. Artwork I SECT I: Denied right regarding privacy, (giving recommendations so you’re able to a foreign agent less than a good guise of rules)

six. Ways We SECT 2: Declined right away from 100 % free address (Fired having requiring a genuine production of specific legitimate documentation to examine [respondents] out-of taking on Complainant Affiant’s funds and you may offering it so you’re able to overseas representatives)

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