Looking for bloggers and community managers to partner in Best of Paris 2017

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We are excitedly preparing the 2017 Best of Paris campaign. Last year’s success was achieved thanks to our amazing partners! And this year we are looking for more community collaborations as the campaign grows and we aim to find deserving people/companies/places in all aspects of Parisian life.

What is the Best of Paris campaign?

A web, social and print campaign to find individuals, services and companies who deserve recognition for their excellence. See the 2016 results here www.best-in.paris

The stages – in brief

  • Early Bird Nominations – currently underway
  • Publication of Nominations
  • Voting – 8 weeks of voting
  • Results – Printed in a special edition of Expatriates Magazine – September 2017
  • Results – Published online – see the previous Best of Paris Print edition  here


What we look for in partners?

We are looking for individuals (bloggers and community managers) to:
1. Help promote the campaign to their own community through blog posts / social communication.
2. To contribute to the categories and ‘starting nominations’ within your area of interest.

For example
Gluten-free shops in Paris, Best Gluten-free restaurants in Paris, Best Gluten-free pastry shops in Pariscategories provided by Paulie at paulielovesfood.com

Best way to get in shape, Best picnic on the grass spots, Best crêperie, Best wine bar, Best place to hear live music, Best place for a Mexican food fix, Best Brunch spot, Best cafe for sightings, Best health day spa, Best place to kiss, Best sunset picnic spaces, Best Italian deli –  categories provided by Julie at thestrategicspace.com 

We are interested in bloggers/communities of all sizes, if you’re just starting out with your blogging adventure don’t be put off, contact us 🙂

What we are happy to offer…

1. Share your blog/community to our own communities which are related to your blog  (Expatriates in Paris, jobs in Paris, RoomMates in Paris, Classifieds in Paris, Expatriates Magazine….)
2. Print your photo and bio in an upcoming editorial (print edition) to show everyone the person behind your blog (deadline March 2nd 2017)
3. Print your advertisement (if you have an event/product) in Expatriates Magazine directory (from our agreement date to July 2017)
4. An inclusion in the special edition of Best of Paris 2017 print and web edition
5. Logo on selected (your) categories on the best of Paris 2017 website
6. A freebie on a product we are currently developing (happy to discuss) which is unique for the international community.

If you would like to collaborate in this fun campaign let us know below and we’d be happy to discuss further.

Your Name:
Your blog/community:
Your area of interest:

*please note, this collaboration is only open to community managers and bloggers, if you are a company looking for exposure / communication please contact us here


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