Kinessentia – Treating the mind through the body


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Set in a verdant surrounding between Fontainebleau and Milly-la-Fôret, Kinessentia is a cocoon of comfort, offering kinesiology sessions of arka-reflexology, reiki, craniosacral harmonization and, more recently, Niromathe (particularly effective for pain relief). Florence Vasini welcomes patients of all ages from newborn babies to the elderly. Examples of the problems she treats include: babies suffering from sleep disruption, grown-ups “blocked” in their lives due to physical pain (obesity, aches, torticollis, chronic sprained ankles, chronic tendinitis…) or mental problems (unease, depression, tension, anguish, stress, intense unrest…), children and teenagers with behavioral problems, who find it hard to focus, or with enuresis… The great news is that all of these can be cured! Florence Vasini’s mission is to understand what is triggering the affliction, and to offset physical, nutritional, emotional or energetic weaknesses; to determine which emotions are causing the unease, to “unearth” them and to set them free. Once this has been achieved, she then goes on to relaunch patients’ energy circulation and helps them to own the tools of their well-being. The extra bonus is Florence’s personality! She’s a great listener when it comes to grasping her patients’ objectives. They are free to decide if they want to ‘’pour it all out’’ or not (an approach particularly appreciated by her more reserved patients). Highly professional at all times, she is also extremely kind and caring. Once you place your trust in her she can work wonders, respectfully accompanying and helping you on your life journey.

Take a leap of faith, open your heart to reconnect with yourself, make your own happiness and well-being, by putting stability, energy and harmony at the center of your life.

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