Julie Collas appears on France 24 to talk about her show ‘Oh My God, She’s Parisian’

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Julie Collas appeared on France 24 to talk about her show ‘Oh My God Sh’s Parisian’

After a spectacular start in September 2017 and more than 5,000 spectators from Paris and all over the world, (http://bit.ly/2y4fU6O) Julie Collas Privé, a former lawyer who gave up her career to make people laugh and to teach Parisians to laugh at themselves is back with her one-woman show 100% in English “Oh my god she’s Parisian!” with an even funnier and politically incorrect version of her show.

– Is it true that Parisians don’t like Starbucks?
– Are all Parisian women thin?
– Why the French have a French accent when they speak English?
– Why are Parisian children so stressed and are Parisians all social drinkers?
-Why are Parisian diners so stressful?

Julie will try to answer all these questions and many others!
A show that is highly appreciated by Parisians who recognize themselves, as well as by expatriates and tourists! Fasten your seat belts for 65 minutes of pure French humor!

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