Wedding Ministry Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

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The Wedding Ministry Coordinator is in charge of the wedding ministry of the Church and , as such, reports to the Visiting Pastor. As Administrative Assistant, She/he also works with and reports to the Business Administrator and also works closely with the Executive Secretary and the Accountant.

Roles & responsibilities:
A. Wedding Ministry Coordinator Responsibilities:

Manage all wedding requests, reply to initial inquiries, confirm bookings using EMS Lite, keep a log of all wedding activities. Keep Pre-Reservations up to date, make good use of wedding slots times. Provide the Visiting Pastor (VP) with hard copies of the wedding reservation request forms immediately upon confirmation of the wedding.

Prior to the beginning of each calendar year, confer with pastoral staff regarding the church calendar, and block out all liturgical holidays, national holidays, and church programs that take precedence over weddings. Maintain the wedding calendar throughout the year, conferring with the appropriate persons on this (executive secretary, pastors, business administrator).

Provide support for the Visiting Pastor before arrival by helping with the visa process, sending the Visiting Pastor Manual instructions to the incoming Visiting Pastor. After the VP’s arrival in Paris, she/he shall help with the orientation process.

Update the wedding schedule regularly to be distributed on a timely basis to the Visiting Pastor, Business Administrator, Music Director, Accountant and other members of the staff as required.

Track initial deposits and prepare final invoices in coordination with the accountant, while tracking all payments. Maintain meticulous records.

Greet and interact with wedding couples and wedding agents.

Greet and provide wedding ministry information to walk-in couples making inquiries about the church for their wedding.

Meet with the couples or communicate via email to discuss decorations and set-up requirements (including third parties such as florists, musicians, vocalists, photographers and videographers). Keep record of special requests by couples regarding their wedding arrangements and provide the Visiting Pastor with the information.

Provide couples with a suppliers list, a first draft of the wedding or vow renewal ceremony.

Prepare the wedding certificates, wedding services and booklets and keep records of the wedding registry.

Proofread wedding bulletins and certificates, make sure the names, dates and times are spelled correctly.

Work with the church’s website manager to update the website (wedding section) when needed.

Update the wedding ministry brochure and other wedding communication materials.

Coordinate music arrangements with the Music Director.

Keep an adequate stock of wedding supplies (candles, DVD’s, pens & paper, candle sleeves, wedding
registry, Japanese and Chinese Bibles, champagne).

Maintain accurate records of all wedding blessings.

Coordinate appointments (in person or Skype) between the couple and the officiating minister.

Communicate set-up requirements to custodial staff.

Explain what will happen on the day of the wedding and if required, defer to the Visiting Pastor for a
more accurate and detailed description. Field questions about ceremony with the wedding couple.

Communicate with the Communications committee about the wedding ministry via Twitter, Facebook and
Church website. Coordinate with appropriate staff on such communications.

Remain informed of wedding trends & tendencies in order to better respond to agencies and foreign &
local bridal inquiries.

B. Administrative Assistant Responsibilities:

In addition to the above tasks, the wedding coordinator also provides administrative assistance to the Business Administrator, the Executive Secretary and the Accountant. This may include the following:

a. assistance in matters related to space reservations, including processing requests, preparing
contracts and invoicing, as well as assistance with visa applications for foreign pastors & student
interns (business administrator),

b. preparation/publication of the Church documents, clerical and logistics support such as
photocopying, collating, printing; some assistance in organizing and setting up church events
(executive secretary),

c. some accounting and book-keeping assistance (accountant).

The tasks outlined above are not all-inclusive but rather examples of the types of work and responsibilities
the administrative assistant may be asked to do.

Time will usually be split 50/50 between A and B, with seasonal variation.

The Wedding Ministry Coordinator/Administrative Assistant must:
• Have spoken & written professional proficiency in both English and French,
• Understand the needs & priorities of a church and its wedding ministry,
• Practice good organizational and communication skills,
• Be capable of working both independently and as part of a team,
• Be detail-oriented while able to think creatively,
• Have excellent administrative, e-mail, clerical and computer skills, including work experience in MS Office and Excel, in particular,
•Be courteous, reliable, responsive, dynamic and flexible with a positive attitude,
• Have French working papers.
• Previous work experience in events management, the hotel industry or an international working environment is a plus.
• Adhere to the mission and values of the Church:

Our congregation is an interdenominational and international Christian community whose mission is to bear witness by word and deed to the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ, to provide a place of English language worship in the American Protestant tradition, and to engage in ministries and services that enrich
the lives of residents and visitors in Paris.

The Wedding Ministry Coordinator/Administrative Assistant normally works Monday through Friday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm (with a 1-hour lunch-break). Occasional evening and Saturday work may be necessary, therefore, flexibility with work hours is a necessity.

This is a full-time position.

To apply: Send résumé/CV and letter of motivation to: or by post to the Business Administrator, American Church in Paris, 65 Quai d’Orsay, 75007 Paris. Receiving applications: immediately Start date: the week of Aug.19, 2019