Jo Meisner’s first exhibition in Paris

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The first exhibition in Paris of Australian artist Jo Meisner, will take place from 7-11 November 2018 at Galerie MR80 in the Marais. In this show, Jo Meisner explores the theme of Identity with works inspired by Paris; she reworks photographs taken in the streets of the capital with carefully chosen textiles. In the artist’s words: ”My practice spans photography, installation and sculptural assemblage and probes contemporary notions of identity. The Crowd and the Individual are two concepts that I return to as subjects in my work, which has variously focused on the cultural and social impact of forced migration and the fabric of the individual psyche”. Another part of the exhibition will present a subject important to the artist, the crowd in transit, characterised by the representation of anonymous figures seen from the side and behind. Jo Meisner lives in Sydney where her work in digital photography, perspex figures, and collages is widely acclaimed by critics and the public. Dates: 7-11 November 2018. Location: Gallery at 80 rue de Turenne 75004 Paris

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