It’s all a bit hush-hush – What happened to the English-speaking TEDx in Paris?

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It’s been a long wait with many wondering what happened to the annual TEDxIHEParis event that brought so many in the community together.

It is now known that TEDxIHEParis has been renamed to TEDxBelleville. A change most likely undertaken as the curator Sabry Ben Radhia has since graduated from the university he was attending (IHE Paris) and is now studying his MBA at Ecole des Ponts. The speakers, while not listed on the newly available website ( should be available soon as speaker applications closed on the 5th March.

Perhaps the biggest change with the re-branding of the event is the scale of the event itself. Historically providing space for 800 -850 attendees, this year is expected to be a much smaller affair with seating limited to 150 attendees. We recommend signing up to their newsletter if you want to be informed as soon as tickets become available  as this event will be a quick sell out.

The event will take place on April 16th at Leonard Paris, 6 Place du Colonel Bourgoin 75012