How to Instagram your Parisian life

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Your Apartment

Do you live in a modest sized apartment? You’re not alone, but that’s no excuse for breaking the illusion of a beautiful Parisian apartment. IMPORTANT: Never give a 360 view to followers. You don’t need to invest in furnishing your entire apartment, simply choose a corner or wall and decorate that area for your Instagram.

Your Shopping Routine

Going shopping? The only places you should be shopping at are Galeries Lafayette and Dior. If you’re visiting the latter remember to take a snap of the exterior as you enter! If you include yourself in the image – don’t smile, this is a routine shopping trip for you – IMPORTANT: NEVER show your followers the item(s) you purchased!

Your Reading

Learning French? Great! Share photos of yourself holding a newspaper! Le Figaro is a preferred choice and can usually be found left on a metro seat. IMPORTANT: The only place you should show yourself holding a newspaper is either on the metro (preferably line 6 with the Eiffel Tower in the background through the window, OR a cafe terrace. Any other location is unacceptable.

Your Job

The chances are that you have a standard 9 – 5 (or 6) routine. DO NOT SHARE that stuff! The good news is that the working day is not a wasted day! Just wait until lunch. IMPORTANT: Your restaurant ticket gives you the opportunity to post. Dining with colleagues gives you even more Instagrammable opportunities.

Your Weekend Getaway

Travelling for the weekend? IMPORTANT – NEVER show that you’re flying low cost! If you must take a snap at the airport make sure it’s Air France in the background. If you cannot help yourself make sure the low cost snap is on your IG Story – that way there will be no long term evidence that you flew low budget.

Your day to day life

It probably doesn’t need to be said but never forget that you live next to the Eiffel Tower, Trocadéro is a preferred spot to live when picking a location in the City of Light. Don’t forget to remind everyone you live in Paris with frequent Eiffel Tower images – weekly reminders are recommended, otherwise people may forget.


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