How Joone is Disrupting the Diaper Industry with its Eco-Friendly products

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There are many ways we can choose to diaper our babies and each one has its own benefits. While diapers may not seem an important topic, it is one that touches all parents’ lives. What is the right balance between convenience, cost, and the environment?

Enter JOONE, founded by CEO Carole Juge in 2016 to address the needs of modern parents who want fantastic, fashionable products, whilst being eco-sensitive, socially responsible and transparent about how diapers are manufactured and how their money is being spent.


Aware of parents’ concerns for safety and their anxiety about the materials used to make manufactured products, Carole wanted to see if she could provide a quality product whilst being completely transparent about the manufacturing process, distribution channels and corporate strategy.

«Transparency in the age of social networks is essential. We owe our clients the respect to give them radical transparency and to help them make educated decisions, with facts upon which to base their purchase. It alsIMG_0406-mino forces us to strive for excellence and to advocate for a more ethical approach to manufacturing. Having nothing to hide means better products, but also better working conditions for our employees, and a more honest approach to marketing. We want to promote the idea that it’s OK to make money, but it’s better to make money correctly, by producing quality products in a quality environment, rather than exploiting a cheap workforce, or marketing our diapers based upon any new parent’s anxiety.»

JOONE provides total transparency about where the consumer’s money is going for each order and hides nothing from its customers. While no diaper can truly be ‘biological’, it can be environmentally responsible which is what sets JOONE diapers apart from other disposable diapers on the market today.


«We always tell parents that disposable diapers (even ours) are a liability to the environment. We know that washable diapers produce less waste and would be a better option, environmentally speaking. JOONE offers the best trade-off, while not having the hassle of washing diapers every day. We understand the choices of modern parents, and we want to be honest about what we can provide – the best other option.»

The young startup’s niche is producing the highest quality diaper with the lowest carbon and environmental impact possible, while providing beautiful styles for the parents’ pleasure. JOONE diapers are manufactured in France. From the warehouse, orders are sent directly to customers via delivery trucks, meaning that the environmental impact is minimized with a shared delivery method.

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Disposable diapers are not recyclable because super absorbent polymers (SAP), the absorbent material used for all disposable diapers, does not recycle. However, JOONE has minimized the cost to the environment, while providing many styled prints that use no solvents and the fewest chemicals possible.

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JOONE avoids the chemicals commonly found in disposable diapers such as paraben, latex, perfume, chlorine, TBT, DBT, MBT, glyphosate etc. Which is both better for babies and for the environment. They also use no misleading marketing.

In Carole’s journey to offer the greatest traceability and lowest environmental impact, she felt that producing in France offered many benefits, such as greater workforce transparency, better environmental standards and jobs to local people.

«It’s important in harsh economic times to help strengthen the economy by promoting local craftsmanship and skills rather than focusing on immediate profitability. We want to be profitable, of course, but we refuse to reach profitability while exploiting a cheaper workforce in other European countries, or in Asia.»

Producing in France also allows JOONE to maintain effective contact with the manufacturer, ensuring that their quality standards are always met. In fact, they meet all quality standards and certification for the EU.


JOONE also relies on the opinion of their customers – parents! The website has a chat feature (in English and French) to provide immediate answers to any questions you may have and also has many reviews from happy and elated parents.
The website also has extensive information on their product, recycling, diapers and the environment as well as a fantastic blog covering the needs of parents with babies. To address the expatriate community, JOONE launched their website content in English on December 8th!

Above all JOONE is about people, and the team, lead by Carole, treats everyone with kindness. They are prompt to answer any questions and strive to provide the greatest satisfaction for each customer in practice, not just as a motto, which is a great thing to see in France where quality customer service is a rare thing.

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