Good Addresses – English speaking wedding photographers in Paris

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«Can anyone recommend an English Speaking Wedding photographer in Paris?»
Good Addresses is an extract from the Expat Q/A handbook 2017

Audra «Stephen Zezza is very experienced photographer.»

Kevin «try Sławomir Janicki ( or Krystal Kenney (

Amy «Daniel Nicolaevsky is great. and he speaks English»

Georgia «Ainsley Duyvestyn- Smith is a great photographer, she does wonderful couple shots, romance is her specialty!»

Julia «Patrick Causse is an excellent photographer, he lives in Paris and just did my friends wedding in Marrakech»

Cynthia «Marjorie Preval is an American wedding photographer based in Paris, her
photos are amazing! Very talented and easy to work with –»

Onorina « Contact Catherine O’Hara ( she’s wonderful!»

Pam «I’d recommend Katie Mitchell Photography»

Dez «check Sławomir Janicki work on»

Anton «Anna Moskal-Ciempiel is a wedding photographer»

Ionut «»

Audra «Stephen Zezza is the best, He has done amazing work (im a singer who set up a surprise proposal and he captures those important «once in a lifetime» moments beautifully!»

Connie-Lee «Dagmara Bojenko is amazing! Highly recommend her»

Lita «Thomas Skiffington. Go to website He is spectacular. He made us look like models!»

Karen «Blanca Madrigal is a talented wedding photographer!

Marine «Virginie Ovessian is amazing, based in south of France.»
Jan « – Petr Vysohlid»

Lou «Try Claire Morris, her website is»

Gemma «Aurore DS,»

James «Pablo Porlan is a professional photographer.»

Harriet «I know a photographer, this is her website»

Kyle «this is the best guy The best guy ever for this job:»

Dawn «Claire Morris is fabulous. She spends her time between the UK and France. She will be back in France the month of March. You can check out her work here:»

Tala «»

Donna «Melvin Gilbert did some great pics for us»

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