The Global Woman Business Event is delighted to be launching its first event in Paris this
year, leading to the launch of Global Woman Club monthly networking breakfasts. We have
invited many highly inspirational and successful speakers to empower all the attendees on
this one memorable day. The conference, to be held on Saturday 24 th June 2017 at the
Marriot Hotel, Rive Gauche, will be focusing on the global women’s stories of overcoming
barriers and achieving success in their business and personal lives, bringing together representatives from over 20 countries and 6 continents.

The Global Woman Business Event in Paris will build and enhance the confidence for women
of all origins and cultures, empowering them to achieve personal, financial and career success through the knowledge, wisdom and experiences of the 20 panellists and special guests to be interviewed.


The conference will feature 2 keynote speakers, Mirela Sula, the founder and executive
director of ‘Global Woman’, the mastermind behind the conference, and Connie-Lee Bennett,
Global Woman Club Ambassador for Paris. Many business events tend to be dominated by
male speakers but on 24th June the Global Woman Business Event is giving global women a
voice and an outlet to express their knowledge and wisdom, how they have achieved their
success and to encourage more women in building business collaborations.

Expatriates in Paris are offered a 20% disount on tickets – to obtain your discount use the code


buy tickets on eventbrite here


Delegates will be given the opportunity to hear from Jacqui Harwood, founder of CranioParis
(originally from New Zealand now lives in Paris), Wani Iris Manly, Esq., (American-Liberian
from Miami living between Paris and Miami), Nezha Alaoui, founder of the Mayshad Woman’s
Club (lives in Paris but travels extensively), Nina Urman, founder of Inside Out Circles
(originally from Russia and now lives in Paris), Konnie Labecki, founder of Organized with
Konnie (originally from the UK but now lives in Paris), Alma Topelli Prendi, Founder and
Director of Ray of Hope, a centre for autistic children in Tirana, from Albania, Tineke Rensen,
Founder of Powerful Business Academy (Born and lives in the Netherland), and Anida
Çikopana, motivational speaker from Albania, who will all be talking about entrepreneurship
and how to turn dreams into reality.

Tickets for the one-day Global Woman Business Event on 24th June 2017 are just 30 euros, which can be booked on Event Brite. For more information, please visit