Giveaway – 100 tickets (50 x 2) to ‘La Tour de 300 mètres’ musical (surtitled in English)

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A special thanks to community member and Musical Director John Florencio for offering 100 tickets to the musical ‘La Tour de 300 mètres’.  We have decided to give these tickets away in pairs, therefore 50 winners will win 2 tickets) – please enter your details below if you would like to be included in the random draw (Show Date: 21st April 2019 – Show begins at 17:00)
The random winners will be selected on Saturday at around 4pm and announced here

WINNERS (an email  has been send with instructions)

Adina Dumitrache
Agathe Robles
Akshay Khairnar
Amandeep MATTOO
Andrew Guay Jones
Annette Hamilton
Anthony Muchall
Baptiste FREROT
Bonny Nichol
Camela Villota
Cati Mayer
Cecilia Nordstrom
Charles marchetti
Chris Bakotic
Claudia Kayser
Cynthia Coutu
Dan Zicari
Dheeraj Nampally
Ellen Aragon
Else Luik
Ewa Sołowiej
Harald Decker
Harshit Aagarwal
Heather Jacobs
Izel Azin Seyidoglu
Jaminny Benicio Freire
Janelle Wilson
Jennifer Geraghty
Jérôme Martini
Jessica Virnna Antipolo
Joelle Farkh
Jordan Naidoo
Karima Romdane
karina marquez
Kate Harris
Kelly Robic
Kwan kar yuet
Liguori Jenny
Lily Rouwers
Linda belawich
Linda lawyer
Liz Boeder
Luveon Yu on Tang
Mabelle David
Madhulika Vinnakota
Mary Schiller
Mayghan Dolmy
Merel Revet
Miriam Gomez
Pelivan Cristina
Philipa Daria Filip
Pradeep R
Rahul Thevar
Roberta Grossi
Rolanyn Campos
Shana Jacobs
Sheyla FELIX
Sorrel Stewart
Stambouli Brahm
Susanna Nordström
Svetlana Babaylova
Swetank Sourav
Thierry Torlai
Ulf Nilsson
Viviane TAM
Yuval Shats


About the Musical: Paris, 1884 : the French government announces the next World Fair, set to take place five years later in Paris and celebrating the centenary of the French Revolution. Gustave Eiffel, owner of a flourishing construction company, intends to present a project at this major event, as he already did at previous World Fairs.

For the first time ever on stage, the entire story of the Eiffel Tower is told, from the first sketch to her construction, through a string of historical and fictional characters. La Tour de 300 Mètres will transport you to the Belle Epoque where you will meet Gustave Eiffel and Guy de Maupassant, but also workers on the tower or neighbors of the Champ-de-Mars… through them, you will relive the incredible story of the Eiffel Tower.

Language: French (with English surtitles)
Show Dates Sunday 21st April 2019 – 17:00
Theatre: Theatre des Mathurins 56 rue des Mathurinsm 75008 Paris

Website and ticket office: