Question: What happens when former caviste and wine enthusiast Matthieu Dewilde, teams up with chef Katsuhiko Sato (who formerly worked with Yannick Alléno and Alain Dutournier)? Answer: Matthieu creates a ‘Boissonnier’, a Cave à Poissons!

Fichon is a restaurant where excellent quality fish and refined seafood dishes are accompanied by carefully selected, often organic or natural wines, or a choice of cocktails and beers specifically designed to complement the menu.

The restaurant serves a very reasonable two course lunch special for just 17€, with a choice of two appetisers and two main courses, making it a lunchtime haven for those who work locally. The evening menu offers a somewhat larger selection, with six appetisers and main courses to choose from. Guests can share their choices, accompanied by different wines for each course, which makes for a very convivial dinner.

For my first visit, I tried the trout confit, cooked delicately at a high temperature then garnished with a variety of salad leaves, caviar and a passion fruit sauce. It was like butter in my mouth! Main courses are served with little, oven-baked potatoes. Their ceviche de bar (sea bass) is also one of my favourite dishes.



The luminous restaurant is decorated in tones of maritime blue with a simple, stylish and inviting decor. Its modern ambiance is a perfect match for the type of food one can enjoy sampling there. There is also a terrace for when the weather permits.


Matthieu and his team are very accommodating, pleasant and knowledgeable, ensuring that every dining experience leaves you with the desire to return. You can also purchase any of the wines on the menu to take home at the price you would pay in a wine shop.


Name: Fichon, Address: 98 rue Marcadet 75018, Telephone:,
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday (12:30–14:30, 19:30–22:30)
Example Main: Saint-Jacques / Cresson / Ricotta / Granny Smith / Olives noires séchées; 21€ Confit de Truite / Lentilles / Câpres / Aneth / Œufs de truite / Pistaches / Parmesan; 18€

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