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What a wonderful feeling when spring finally arrives! It’s so uplifting and refreshing. It arouses our senses and brightens our mood. Hold that thought…

That is exactly the kind of feeling the fragrance day spa Free Persephone strives to offer its visitors every day; a moment amid the frenetic commotion of city life, that both raises the spirits and revives the senses in bright, friendly, fragrant surroundings where one can’t help but want to linger.

Photograph: Nathalie Baetens –

For those of us whose Greek mythology is a little rusty, Persephone was the goddess of springtime. Condemned to spend one month in the underworld for each pomegranate seed she ate, her return to the world of the living brought new life and fertility to the earth’s plants every year and she came to be associated with rejuvenation and well-being.

Located in the bustling 6th arrondissement, Free Persephone is Paris’ first social day spa and beauty concept store combining beauty care, perfume and friends. American entrepreneur Lauren Creecy is the driving force behind this winning concept. She wanted to create a space that would offer physical relaxation and sensory well-being: a friendly place where visitors could connect, whatever their culture or native language, unwind and experience that ‘spring has arrived’ feeling every time they cross the threshold.

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Light, airy, spacious and welcoming, Free Persephone couldn’t be further removed from the stark, often airless and quite clinical beauty parlors one tends to find in Paris, where one is led into a cramped, often artificially lit space to ‘relax’. This spa is open and bright; a physical and temporal space where you feel your tension evaporate as you walk through the door. A long, French country-kitchen-style, wooden table runs through the centre of the spa, where visitors can sit side by side to chat and enjoy naturally scented manicures and hand massages, whilst sipping delicate mint, cucumber and lemon water. A row of pretty, soft fabric armchairs provide the ideal comfort for shared conversations over relaxing, fragrant pedicures, and private side rooms are also available for full-body treatments. The spa even has its own in-house tea room providing a selection of fruit and herbal teas with fresh cakes and bakes, to complete the overall homely feel of the place.

The olfactory sense is particularly important to Lauren who, prior to founding the spa, spent fifteen years in the international perfume industry, working with some of the best fragrance experts in Grasse. “Paris is wonderful, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by its energy and big-city attitude”, she explains. “I wanted to create a warm, welcoming, fragrance-driven space that felt like an escape to the heart of springtime.” She chose five fundamental precepts to define the spa’s work ethic (one for each of the pomegranate seeds in the Free Persephone logo): Smile, connect, respect, linger and enjoy. The friendly team of bilingual beauty specialists are very welcoming and attentive to individual comfort requirements, ensuring that visitors really do enjoy being pampered and will want to linger. To prolong the aromatic spa experience, a range of home fragrances, candles, eco-friendly beauty products and Free Persephone scents, created by Lauren herself, are available in the spa’s beauty shop and online boutique.

Free Persephone regularly hosts group events such as hen parties, mother’s day treats, mother and children parties (even for young children)… Alone or with friends, it’s a perfect place to indulge yourself and reconnect with your inner springtime deity.

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